So many of our clients have become our friends.  To be witness to just a monumental and pivotal part of someone's life is not easily forgotten, on either side. Below are just a few of our friends and some words about working with us. 


February 2018

"Lindsey's gift as a birth photographer is profound. She's the kind of person that enters the delicate and sensitive and feminine space of the birthing year with such kindness, love and respect that I personally felt like I had a sister in the room with me. What's so remarkable about Lindsey is that this happened quite fast, and I felt instantly upon our first conversation together that not only was she being present as a photographer, but as a doula, being deeply intuitive, loving and supportive. I asked her to document all 4 parts of my birthing year: Maternity, BlessingWay, Birth and Newborn/Postpartum, and the galleries and films I have received from her have been absolutely breathtaking and empowering! I feel so deeply grateful to have met her, and I feel it was divine guidance that brought us together. Her presence at each of these stages of my birthing year was imperative, as important as my birth doula and my husband, and the way she went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that every little aspect of each of these events was tended to, absolutely blew me away. I highly recommend working with Lindsey, and documenting your whole birthing year with her! There's something to be said about a soul having a divine calling and blueprint for the way they are serving in the world, and Lindsey absolutely embodies her mission, you will be so grateful you hired her! The experience with her is holistic, complete, creative, liberating, supportive, empowering and graceful."

Paith MacQueen



January 2018

We LOVED having Joyanna photograph and video both of our kid's births. She did such an amazing job capturing the beauty, connection and love in each of their births. Joyanna was very accommodating and made sure I was comfortable with the images/video she produced. The video and images helped me process their births and I will treasure them for many, many years to come. I would absolutely hire her again!

Brooke Smith


June 2017

Working with Lindsey was such a wonderful experience for my family! We chose Lindsay to capture the homebirth of our third baby as well as newborn photos. She took the time to get to know us and helped my older boys feel comfortable around her. She even came for a home visit to meet my midwife and make sure things would go as smoothly as possible the day of the birth.

When the time came, Lindsay arrived quickly after we called and immediately blended right in. She somehow managed to capture the most incredible images of our family’s experience while also lending a helping hand wherever needed! She provided encouragement and support to my husband and I throughout labor and helped reassure my boys that everything was going well. She also captured the most wonderful, moving video of our birth along with the still images.

And then she came back a week later to document our new family dynamic and all the sweet newborn features of our new baby boy. Lindsey didn’t just take pictures that look nice hanging on our wall...she took images that make our hearts burst with the love and joy we were experiencing in that moment! She captured the moments that we were enjoying so deeply we couldn’t have stepped back to really record and remember them ourselves and we are SO grateful!!

Laura Szczecina

Courageously Born


January 2017

Joyanna is amazing!! She was my doula at the birth of my baby girl as well as our birth photographer. Even though nothing went as planned on the day of Maizy's birth, she was the most amazing addition to our team. The photos she was able to snap while also holding my hand while enduring a c-section are incredible. She has since taken photos of our family and we will be doing another session with her for Maizy's 1st birthday! I am also 100% going to attempt a v-bac on our next baby so I can have her with us again! I can't imagine it any other way!

Sara LaGasse